About Mr Brains & Brawn - Evidence Based, High Performance, Functional Skincare, Men's Grooming

About Us

Mr Brains and Brawn is all about simplifying the shopping experience of men’s grooming products for everyday men (and women too). We don't sell hundreds of brands or products because not every products are worth your time and money.

Our dedicated team filters all the marketing bluff, and connects you to a range of reputable grooming products carefully selected based on three principles: Evidence-based, Functional & High-performance.

To ensure your shopping journey is truely effortless, we provide FREE virtual consultations to help you find your customised personal care solutions.

Keep It Simple

The amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming and while many skincare brands tailor their communications towards female customers. Mr Brains and Brawn's mission is to deliver a pleasant and simple shopping experience for men.

Gender Neutral

Most of our products are gender neutral. (Even our grooming balm is unisex!)

Men and women may have different skin concerns, however, products do not discriminate. It's all about finding the right product solution.

Please don't hesitate to speak with one of us for a personalised product consultation.

Environmental Commitments

All packaging materials we use are made from recyclable materials and are biodegradable. (Yes, our black bubble wrap is also biodegradable!)

We use Australia Post for all our parcel deliveries, which are recognised as carbon neutral.

We endeavour to reduce our carbon footprints in every way possible.