Dull Skin


Dull skin may appear lacklustre and flat. For healthy, youthful looking and glowing skin, here are our favourites:

Hydrogel Sheet Mask loaded with skin friendly Vitamins (Quick fix - immediate result)

Jaxon Lane - Bro Mask, a multi award winning sheet mask, is made of 100% medical grade Hydrogel, which is usually used in burns and wound healing as it provides the optimal hydration to the compromised skin allowing it to heal. Bro Mask comes in 2 pieces providing the best fit to your face and a combination of Vitamins and other actives that brighten your skin in 20 minutes. 

Ascorbic Acid + Ferulic Acid + Vitamin E

Mesoestetic - AOX Ferulic is made up of a high concentration of 15% Ascorbic acid, alongside with 0.5% Ferulic Acid and an exclusive Protech-cell complex at 1.5% with Vitamin E and peptides. This powerful combination of antioxidants provide the skin with immediate brightening, prevent ageing, particularly photoageing, and promotes Collagen production.