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At Mr Brains and Brawn, our main goal is to help you get rid of acne and hyperpigmentation as quickly and safely as possible. No more skin struggles so you can start feeling happy and confident in your skin again.

We were initially founded with the mission to make men's grooming shopping experience effortless. However, we’ve evolved to offering a small, carefully curated range of tried-and-tested products that works for all genders.

To help you get that skin you've always desired, we simplify your skincare choices with no-fuss, proven to work products. You won't find hundreds of products here because not every products are worth your time and money. We also offer FREE virtual consultations every day if you need help finding your customised solution.

We only recommend products that deliver results and we filter out brands that lack transparency. We select and recommend our products based on three principles: Evidence-based, Functional & High-performance.

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Shop Skincare Routines For Hyperpigmentation and Acne Online.

Mr Brains & Brawn delivers evidence-based, functional and high-performance skincare products from Melbourne Australia. With products from face moisturiser to face serum, chemical exfoliants to retinols, our selection allows customers to build their own skincare routines for different skin types and skin concerns.

From post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation to melasma; blackheads, enlarged pores to acne, sun damaged skin to crow’s feet and sagging skin; redness, sensitive skin to rosacea. Mr Brains & Brawn only ranges science backed skincare products that work from reputable international brands including The Ordinary, Mesoestetic, Medik8, Murad Skincare and isClinical. Shop pharmaceutical grade and clinically tested skincare products with confidence as Mr Brains & Brawn is the authorised stockist and brand partners of these results oriented brands.

Mr Brains & Brawn provides free virtual consultations to help you find your customised skincare routine and solutions. Mr Brains & Brawn ships to Australia, New Zealand and globally.