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Jaxon Lane creates innovative, ingredient-driven products for anti-ageing, anti-acne results.

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Jaxon Lane

What is Bro Mask?

Winner of multiple Grooming Awards, Bro Mask is formulated using proprietary blend of 12 vitamins and plant-based ingredients combined with 100% Hydrogel technology to hydrate skin and give it a radiant, refreshed look.

Unlike common cotton sheet masks, hydrogel is prized for its ability to stick to living tissue. Hydrogel is extensively used by doctors as wound dressings, to promote healing and deliver medicine to skin.The Hydrogel technology in Bro Mask gets all the effective ingredients deep into the pores for a visibly improved skin appearance.

What is Shake and Wake?

Winner of Valet Mag Grooming Award 2019 - Best Face Wash, Shake and Wake is a powder face wash which lathers into a silky foam when mixed with water.  

It washes away germs, oil, and dirt from your face and reveals fresh, smooth skin. Formulated using Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes (anti-inflammatory actives) and B3, B5, C and E vitamins, Shake and Wake provides you a clearer skin and prevents breakout.