Boasting humble beginnings, Medik8 was born after Medik8’s founder – Elliot Isaacs – created an anti-redness product for his sister and fell in love with cosmeceuticals, before building a tiny lab in the back of his dad’s pharmacy. With his background in physiology, pharmacology and biochemistry – plus fifteen years of experience with developing professional-grade skincare products – Medik8 presents formulas you can trust.

This is a brand that puts anti-ageing formulas at the top of its agenda. Medik8 goal is to uncloak the mystery surrounding anti-ageing skin care with results-driven products that don’t compromise on ethics. In fact, their tried-and-tested ‘CSA philosophy’ – a hard-working marriage between vitamin C with sunscreen by day, and vitamin A by night – ensures simple routines that result in healthy, ‘beautiful skin for life’.

Championing sustainability, cleaner oceans and less waste (after backpacking the globe and seeing the wonders of our planet with his very own eyes), Elliot Isaac's Medik8 is a brand with heart. They have a target to achieve zero waste by the year 2023 and are involved in the battle to ban animal testing. Get your Medik8 products delivered Australia-wide today for free.