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Prospectors Coal Mine Pomade is a clay pomade for those after matte finish hairstyle in a natural way. This water-based pomade is designed to provide a good medium hold that last the entire day. It’s easy to apply as it softens between the hands as it warms up. Super easy to work with and comb through with either fingers or a comb.

What's so special?

  • This pomade provides long lasting medium hold that lasts throughout the day.
  • It is fortified with Hemp Oil, so it does not dry out the hair.
  • Notes of smooth matcha, sharp citrus and floral cedar.

Consider this product if you are after

  • Hold: Medium
  • Finish: Matte, Natural
  • An Effortless and Natural Look

Guide to Prospectors Pomades

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best hair product I have EVER used!!!!

I have been searching for what I thought was the unobtainable. I have medium length, fine hair, that has thinned a bit over the years. I sought a product that delivers light, non-sticky hold, adds volume and texture, calms frizz, washes out easily, pleasantly fragranced formula. This stuff is perfection in a little tub. I have used it on my hair, wet and dry, and got amazing results either way. I tried lightly piecing my hair and the effect was very nice...the "chunks" were soft and natural looking. It adds wonderful volume if added to the roots. I love this stuff!

Didn't work for me

If you plan to style it against the natural direction your hair grows (e.g. styling your hair back for typical disconnected undercuts, etc.). The hold of this product just isn't strong enough by itself.


I bought this product because I heard good things about it. At first I decided to go cheap and buy a old spice pomade but that wasn't strong at all. This product though is amazing! The hold is strong and it last for the whole day. I can even put on my hat and then later on take my hat off and fix my hair back to normal.

Best stuff on the market

This is the ONLY product I will use in my short hair!!! It lasts for 3 months, only the smallest amount is required to hold your hair all day!!!! I will never use anything else!!!

Super easy

Easy to use, non-greasy, strong and very pleasant smell after putting it in. Very pliable. Would definitely recommend!