Prospectors Pomade Starter Set

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This set of 3 pomades covers all your hairstyling needs - every day pomade with natural shine, a clay pomade for matte, texturised look and a strong hold pomade for the bad hair day. 

What's in the set?

Originating from California, Prospectors pomade makes premium hair styling pomades enriched with Hemp Oil and other premium ingredients for all hair types.

With a range of different hold and finish, Prospectors Pomade is the new favourite among previous users of Uppercut Deluxe, Reuzel, Layrite and Suavecito.

1. Gold Rush Pomade 113g

Water soluble pomade which provides a medium hold with a natural shine. It works great for hairstyles worn with a bit more length on the top and even on the sides, and highlights natural hair texture like waves and curls.

2. Coal Mine Pomade 113g

Water soluble clay pomade for those after matte finish hairstyle in a most natural way. It will provide a good medium hold that lasts the entire day.

3. Iron Ore Pomade 113g

A strong hold pomade that offers excellent control to tackle any hairstyle. It is also great for frizzy, curly hair in a hot and drier environment.


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