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Simply the best

Absolutely amazing, highly recommend it.

My skin has never looked or felt better!

Years suffering with hormonal acne & breakouts. So much money spent on trying products & nothing helped. Stumbled across this set & I am so glad I did! 2 weeks into the regime and my skin had completely settled. Pimples dried up & flaked away, however the rest of my skin felt soft & hydrated. 3 weeks into regime & almost all marks had completely faded. No new breakouts, my face feels so soft & smooth. I have recommended this set to a friend and look forward to seeing her positive results. Highly recommend it!

Simply the best, amazing hydro bust! Love it!!!

Great result.

Recommended. Big thumbs for Mr Brains & Brawn.

Great result

Recommended. Big thumbs up to mrbrainsandbrown

Clean Pores Essentials
Tarynn Paterson

If you have spent thousands of dollars over the years on skin products and treatments for congested skin, blackheads and whiteheads then this is the set for you! I am absolutely over the moon with this set. Within 48 hours I noticed a difference to my skin! The simplicity of the routine is heavenly after having completed various other routines that confused the daylights out of me and what I was putting on when...
The customer service is beyond helpful. They don't oversell products. They actually care about your skin and what it needs.
Can't fault the product or the Customer Service..Win/Win

Amazing! Definitely worth it!!

My skin has cleared up so much since using these products! I am honestly so impressed!
The products I ordered were at my door a short two days after ordering them!
Will certainly be ordering through this company again!!

Deep pigmentation set

I have had some bad hyper pigmentation in the eye area. It's been almost a month since I have been using the deep pigmentation set. And I see improvement. I'll definitely continue using.

Excellent product.

Great moisturiser. Great tint. Long lasting. Will keep on buying it

Im glad i committed to buying this set

Super happy i stumbled across this site, the packs put together based on skin conditions was a real winner in my eyes.

Ive been using this daily, and its absolutely bang on, people have been complementing on how well my skin has gone. I cant believe im actually reviewing the products, but its honestly that good.


Stryx - Starter Kit With Concealer, Tinted Moisturiser & Gel Cleanser
Georgios Drymonis

Stryx - Starter Kit (Concealer + Tinted Moisturiser + Gel Cleanser)

best tinted moisturiser ive used

non greasy, feels good, easy to use, 5 out of 5

Shake and Wake 50g
Mimi Cobson
Great product!

Does what it says and cleanses the face thoroughly!

The best sunscreen

I can see the difference using it and it is easy to apply over my face. Not too oily and it doesn’t feel sticky


This has made my life so easy! Really happy with the results so far, skin looks and feels amazing. I also wear minimal to no make up now as i don't need to cover up imperfections. Big thumbs up to mrbrainsandbrown

The Ordinary - Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

The difference in my skin unbelievable!!

I just wanted to come on and say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! After suffering through painful pregnancy acne. I was using expensive oil based "natural" Australian products. I was so fed up of waking in pain from lying on my cheeks, feeling defeated and very self-conscious. I stumbled across the Mr Brains and Brawn website while trying to find an acne treatment that actually works.
I started using your ADVANCED ANTI-BREAKOUT REGIMEN SET and The Ordinary Glycolic acid toner.
The difference in my skin from February to now is unbelievable! I'm seriously truly grateful.
Thank you for doing the hard work and creating sets combining products from different brands that actually work!

Advanced Anti Breakout Regimen

Average at best

Clean Pores Essentials
Lisa Whittaker
Just buy it

This bundle has been so good for my skin, get it

Thank you so much, l love the product, when I use the product on my skin it feels really good on my skin, usually, when I use other products from the beginning my face feels so hot, but your product is very good, l will always order this product.

Love this Cream

Collagen 360 definitely works
Been using it for 4 weeks my skin feels so much more tighter. Definitely recommend it


Really effective and you can see improvement after 2-3days


This pack has been AMAZING! Within 2 weeks it brought everything up to the surface and it felt like all this “gunk” was gone. My skin is looking so much clearer - and just feels fresh. SO good.

Must have with acid treatments

Sunscreen is a must have with AHA/BHA or retinol treatments. Is quite white when put on and not greasy at all. Would buy again